Tuesday, January 28, 2014



Dribs and Drabs.  What does that mean?  According to dictionary.com:bits and pieces, negligible amounts, as in There's not much left, just some dribs and drabs of samples. The noun drib  is thought to be a shortening of driblet , for "drop" or "tiny quantity." I suppose it depends on what you are talking about that comes in ‘dribs and drabs.’  Some things that would come in dribs and drabs would be business if it dribbled in all day.  We moved out of a house one time in dribs and drabs - a little at a time here and there.  Dribs and drabs of leftovers – yummy - especially dessert!
We’ve been praying for a huge financial miracle. I mean a BIG one!  Constant looming deadlines for things due had us blinded and stressed about what God could do.  We had an amount of money in our minds and knew we had to have it, nothing less. We were also seeking God’s plan for the mission work we felt led to, but God was silent. We felt like He had abandoned us.  No answers were forthcoming. What was He up too? We begged Him to tell us. What did He want from us? Why are we back in this classroom learning this same lesson again?  
A small amount of the needed funds came in and we were grateful. We really were…..or were we? I began to realize I was doing more complaining about our lack (because my idea of what we needed hadn’t happened) than I was praising Him for what He had brought to us.  Ok, attitude adjustment needed!  The Scripture talks about a sacrifice of praise. (Psalm 50:14, Hosea 14:2, Hebrews 13:5 NLT)  I needed to do more than just say a small “thank you.”  I needed to REALLY thank Him, and He was asking me to trust Him with the dribs and drabs.  “But Father,” I argued again, “we need this and this and this.  This is due.  That is due.  How will we ever pay it and on top of that get Steve to Haiti?  You aren’t opening doors.  You aren’t sending in what we need!”
“TRUST ME!”  He said to me. 
“Ok, Father, I’ll trust You.  But please, can You send more than just dribs and drabs?” 
        Somehow things were getting paid.  We weren’t going hungry.  Even the dogs were getting fed, but still I felt so stressed - constantly begging God to relieve this stress.  I kept hearing in my head that its sin to not trust Him.  I had the verse that says worrying can’t add anything going through my head, but somehow I couldn’t let it go. (Luke 12:25,26 NIV) There were even certain days that I couldn’t help but resent the dribs and drabs.  I begged Him to sell off a few more of those cattle on a thousand hills. (Psalm 50:10-12 NIV) Once again I heard Him say to me, “When are you going to just let it go and realize I’ve got this? I just want you to learn to trust me in the dribs and drabs before I can trust YOU with the big picture.”
        Really, this is the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE.  What is wrong with me that I can’t see that He does care more for me than the birds and flowers and He takes care of them?  He has taken care of me for all of my years.  (Never mind how many)  He has done some pretty awesome things too.  So as I thought I hated dribs and drabs I was going to learn to trust in them!  I read more of His Word.  I talked to Him instead of sitting and worrying. 
        My “AHA” moment came one weekend when I knew of no way anything would come in.  I knew no way.  Get that?  I, ME, knew no way.  Well, I can’t see the whole picture can I?  I knew of two things that needed to be paid by Monday.  Every door we knocked on seemed shut tight.  We were once again in a place in our lives where God demanded our attention and trust.  Dribs and drabs came in that weekend from two unexpected sources.  Ok, I’m grateful. I really am but we are a few dollars short.  WAIT!  I added wrong.  We have $10 more than we need.  Really?  We have enough?  Wow, what relief!  At least for a few days anyway.
        Here we go again - another deadline.  This time I knew that no way, no how was there anywhere for it to come from.  We both were working the course God put before us, but it just wasn’t bringing the results we needed. Yet somehow I didn’t feel as stressed.  I knew somehow God was going to make it all work out, and He did.  He provided more dribs and drabs from some very, VERY unexpected sources; and again, just enough. 
Now as another deadline approaches I feel excitement to see where God is going to bring the financial assistance from.  I still find myself feeling stressed a little but then I just go pick up His Word.  Has He taken care of yet again another due date?  What do you think?  I think I’m learning to love dribs and drabs!  We’ve let the ministry in Haiti that has requested Steve’s help know that he’ll be there soon.  We don’t know when or how but we know it will be soon and through God’s wonderful, but powerful, dribs and drabs. 

I LOVE dribs and drabs!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Been a long time

Its been quite a while since I posted on here.  I've decided to do more than post trips and what's happening on them here.  I"m going to be posting my journey with God.  Past and present.  Be looking for more of my mess ups and lessons!  Maybe there's someone out there that is like me.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Wow, this has been an awesome trip in Haiti. The team work so hard. Martha almost got the whole second floor painted and it looks great. Dave got all of the electric on the second floor working and also got all of the plumbing fixed through out the house. Steve built 5 bunk beds, two twins and one king bed. He also built two beautiful tressel ? tables with benches. Danny screen all of the bed room windows and had a hand in everything. Donna planed every meal and kept us fed along with painting, cleaning and a lot of other things. Amber painted every day and was a joy to have around. Even tho we were so busy with the house we still had Danny preach Sunday morning, I shared a bible study with the Philippine UN, Debbie sung for them, We had two bible studies with the men here and the neighborhood, I had the privilege to lead one man to Christ, visited the sick and much more in ministry. God is so Good.

Friday, August 24, 2012


CHRISTMAS. Yes I don't like to start thinking about it yet either. But missionaries have to plan way ahead to get the stuff they need to them in time. I am going to be gathering items Sherrie Sherrill Blankenbehler Fausey is praying for to give to the children that have become her family. Here is her prayer list. Anyone want to give and help?
I have 280 children. This is what I want for Christmas:
100 baby dolls
150 toy trucks
100 games - no batteries needed
50 soccer balls
100 other bouncy balls
50 other lightweight toys
Various hair stuff & jewelry for older girls

Thursday, August 23, 2012

flights and storms

Steve is set to fly out Monday.  A storm has put itself in the way and we will be keeping our eye on Isaac.  As I write this Isaac has reached Haiti.  Please pray for the folks still living in tents.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Help us get Steve down to get the HOUSE OF HOPE up and running. First trip is 8/27-9/11. We need $632 immediately and then funds to cover expenses.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Time to travel again

Its time again.  Time to return to Haiti.  Steve thought he would be spending a great deal of time in Haiti this summer but that ended up not being the case.  He has been asked to go down in September.  It looks like it may be a few trips back to back.  We NEED your support.  Prayer and financial.  As details are finalized we will post them.  We do know it will be early in September and that is only a few weeks away.  We will need God’s provision in a big way and fast.
If you or anyone you know can give to help us help the folks in Haiti learn more about Jesus you can do so online.
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