Friday, June 11, 2010

Prayer and Praises June 10, 2010

Hello from Haiti:

We have solar panels!!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!  No more electricity problems!!!!  First Southern Baptist Church in Liberal, Kansas bought everything for solar panels and shipped it to Haiti.  They came Sunday to install everything. 
We were concerned about it arriving on tine but it came out of customs on TuesdayPraise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

The electricians are also wiring the first wing and putting up ceiling fans in the classrooms and apartments.  Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!  This will make everyone much more comfortable as no one has air conditioning here. 

Steve and his crew poured the concrete beams on the back wing.  Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!  The carpenter is putting up wood to pour the deck.

Summer school
has begun.  The 7th grade boys have class each day to finish math and science.  The orphanage children will be doing extra math books in English.  They asked for summer school and cheered when I found the math books.  Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a simple celebration for our Adult Literacy graduates this year.  I don't know if we still have graduation gowns or not, but we have some wonderful graduates.  Each graduate receives a Creole Bible - and now they can all read!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!
Please continue to keep Haiti in prayer.  Driving around we see many buildings being demolished by men with sledge hammers.  These were schools & businesses & homes.
We also see crews of people working on roads & bridges, etc. so progress is being made.  Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be flying to the USA on WednesdayPlease keep my travels in prayer.  I will be on the road from place to place a lot. 

God bless you,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

FW: Prayer and Praises June 3, 2010

Hello from Haiti:

Monday was the last day of school for this term.  It was a fun day.  We will have a small summer school.  Of course, school lunches will continue all summer.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!

We had a simple little graduation for our Adult Literacy class.  These are adults who never had a chance to go to school.  They have learned to read in Creole.  Each graduate will receive a Creole Bible.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!

We have our own transformer up on a pole.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!  It will be connected soon to EDH - goverment electricity.  We had been sharing a neighbor's transformer.  This was difficult because we moved when we lost our building and the lines were too long.  The school needs it's own transformer.

We lost most of the furniture for the orphanage in the earthquake.  The group from World Mission built cabinets for the children to keep their clothes in.  The group this week from CLF finished painting them and the children are using them.  They sure keep the rooms much neater!!!  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!

First Baptist Church in Jacksonville
sent funding and a couple men to build a housefor Mr. Renal, the old man who sweeps my yard.  Some Virginia folks joined them to build a nice 2 room house.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!

Please keep the construction projects in prayer.  We want everyone to stay safe while we build the back wing.  The men are finishing my little apartment.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for a home for the orphanage.  A school is not a home.  I am still praying for the empty lot behind the school.  May God's will be done.

Please continue to pray for Jared & Amanda, and Amy as they prepare to come full time.  Please pray for Emily and Ross who will keep my children while I am away.

We still need teachers to come work alongside the Haitian teachers.  For these children to succeed, they need both American and Haitian teachers.  Is God calling you to a school year in Haiti?

 God bless you,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

FW: Prayer and Praises May 20, 2010



From: Sherrill Fausey []
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2010 8:27 PM
To: Sherrie Fausey
Subject: Prayer and Praises May 20, 2010


Hello from Haiti:


This has been an exciting week for us.  We took 16 children ages 12 to 16 to Quisqueya Chapel for baptism.  Ricardo accepted Jesus but was not able to go for baptism.  Some were in the orphanage and some are students in the school.  All are now Children of God.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Work on the first wing has halted until we have more funding.  Please pray for the construction.  I really want to be able to get all the children back to school and in a classroom by the time school starts August 23rd.


Steve will be returning tomorrow (Friday) to work on the back wing.  We are being presented with funding specifically for this project from Mission of Tears in Canada.  This will help greatly.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We went to Arcahaie on Monday with 9 people to see Dr. Kerry, an American eye doctor.  Some, like Lorgens a child with very dry eyes, have eye problems needing medical attention.  Others like Djeanise are nearsighted and need glasses.    It was a great blessing to be able to get them help.  Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My summer schedule is quite vigorous.

About June 17th go to jacksonville, Florida

June 20th - Rome, Georgia

June 27th PM - Windsor Baptist Church, Gainesville, Florida

July 4th - Good Family Reunion - Garden City, Kansas

           My uncle is having a middle school named after him - Horace G. Good Middle School.   Yea!! Uncle Hoppy!

July 7th        Hutchinson, Kansas

July 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, daily activities - Williamsport, PA

July 13th - Medway Community Church, Medway, Mass.

July 22 - Must be back in Port-au-Prince before the 23rd


A young man named Ross will be here for 2 months in June & July.  I will be gone part of this time if possible.  Please keep Ross in prayer.  Jared plans to be here some of this time with a team from his church which will be a huge help to Ross.  I would like to also have a Christian teacher here to help keep the children and supervise 2 or 3 small classes of summer school.   Please keep all this in prayer.


Please pray for my stamina and health.  My lungs never seemed to totally recover from breathing in all the concrete dust in the earthquake.  I become fatigued very easily and there is so very much to do.


Also continue to pray for full time help here.  The ministry is growing and producing fruit.  We need the Lord of the Harvest to send full time workers into this field.  The Lord is calling people who need to respond.  It will be the hardest decision of their lives and result in the greatest joy and contentment.


Please keep Jared & Amanda in prayer as they make plans to come back full time.

Please keep Amy in prayer as she makes plans.


God bless you,


Sherrie Fausey

Christian Light Foundation

PO Box 23881

Jacksonville, FL 32241-3881


Please be sure to include my name on any donations.


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