Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prayer and Praises March 20, 2010

Hello from Haiti:

Steve and Jared are doing a great job with the construction and repairs. Many repairs have been done. The walls are going up on the back wing. We are working on wiring the first wing. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!

Finishing these 2 wings is very important because we totally lost our 18 room main building. We only have 4 actually finished rooms and 6 partly-built rooms for 14 classes, school kitchen and storeroom, library, a pharmacy, an office, living space for 60 people, and visitor's dorms and kitchen. It is crowded and difficult.

Construction is coming to a slow down or a halt. We are ready to put the concrete roof on both the back wing and the second floor of the first wing. I do not have the funding to do this. Please pray for the funding to put roof on these 2 wings.

Please remember to put my name on any donations because only the funding designated to my personal account under my name is put in my account for me to use. This includes child sponsors, staff homes, construction, everything.

Many individuals and churches have donated to the re-construction efforts already. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!! Thank you very much. It has brought us very far.

Here is some of what we have done so far:

Cleaned broken walls, razor wire, and other hazards from yard

Built security wall around perimeter of property

Given assistance to neighbors

Begun assistance to staff to replace personal belongings and homes, this is not finished

Construction - foundation, walls and repairs

Pay construction team of Haitian workers

Finishing inside first classroom wing

Working on getting electricity to first classroom wing

Built stairways to second floor, starting second stairway

Restored Internet connection

Replaced lost and damaged supplies

Purchased food supplies for 200 eating here

Medical care, especially hospital care

Truck repairs and more repairs

Safety rail for second floor walkway

Immediate needs

Purchase truck

Purchase cement mixer

Roof on 10 rooms

The safety rail has been put up. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!! It is not quite finished.

The team of substitute teachers from Georgia and New Jersey say teaching is hard work! They did very well with the children,. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!

God bless you,

Sherrie Fausey

Friday, March 12, 2010


People are still turning to God in Haiti!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prayer and Praises March 4, 2010

Steve checking the work.

foundation being dug

mission needs a new truck. praying for one like this or the one below

Hello from Haiti,

Thank you very much to the many people who have generously supported this ministry in this time of need. You are wonderful. And several people have said they would help my staff with homes. This is so wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Dr. Karen McCarthy had a medical team in this week. They say about 1,200 patients, some were very sick. This was a big blessing to the people. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!

The construction is moving along. The foundation has been hard because of huge rocks. They finally decided the rocks could be part of the building. The rebar iron is being bent.

Mr.Dieusel is making the safety rail for the upstairs walkway.Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!

A mason is finishing the walls in a classroom. When he moves out, the painters come in, then the tile man. Then we have a nice room and the class can come back. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!! In the meantime, we have 2 classes in the big tent where the older boys sleep.

We had boxes of clothes from Windsor Baptist, Providence School, and Theda's women's group. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!! I wanted them put out after school for the teachers to sort to give to students the next day, but there was a misunderstanding and all the teachers and students were at the boxes sorting. Jolly pandemonium.

We received some tarps to give out. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!

Prayer Requests:

We need a bigger stronger truck. I took some pictures today while waiting for Edmond to change a flat tire.

Edmond's wife is due to have her baby in March - it is March.

We need strength and stamina. There is just so much to do.

Full time help in the ministry. Jared will be coming soon. A teacher is considering coming for a year. I need full time help.

God bless you,


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Steve's birthday

Today Steve turned 60. He is a long way from home but they made him feel at home. The children made him cards and brought them to him off and on all day. They had fun and a cake for him. Family from here called or sent him messages. Hopefully he felt loved on his special day.
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