Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recognizing God in the small everyday things

How often do we get help from our Heavenly Dad and not notice it and give Him thanks and credit?  This jumped out at me yesterday.  I woke up with such and awful pain in my neck.  You know, that kink that gets in there down the side of your neck into your shoulder.  I knew I did not need this as I had a lot to do.  It was around 3 a.m. and I could not get comfortable or pain free to go back to sleep.  I started talking to Dad about it and asking Him to help the pain and help me go back to sleep.  I tossed and turned.  Prayed and complained.  I tried different pillow positions and combinations.  In frustration I took a deep breath and asked once more for help with the pain and flopped over on my back.  I remember thinking how it wasn't feeling too bad in that position.  Next thing I knew it was time to get up.  I had fallen off to sleep and even woke up with the pain gone.  I went about the morning and somewhere along the line heard that 'still small voice' asking me if my neck felt better now.  'Why yes, Lord, it does.'  Then stopped in my tracks.  'YOU put that in my mind to lay in that position.  And YOU took away my pain and I have not even said a single thank you!!!'   His subtle reminder brought me to my senses to be more aware when our pleas are answered and not just give the credit to our amazing intelligence.  After all Who gave us that intelligence?  ALL things come from Him even the idea for a more comfortable position at night to ease a pain in the neck!
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