Thursday, September 29, 2011


 URGENT REQUEST FROM SHERRIE FAUSEY.  Please read below.  Sherrie needs this work done ASAP and she wishes for Steve to come to supervise the work and groups getting it done.  We need the provision for him to do this.

"We will need our rooms on the roof sooner than expected.  One of the rooms was to be for Wisnal & Yvoinette who were getting married in December.  Both have lived on campus for a few years.  Their parents are demanding that the marriage be moved up to Oct. 30.  We don't have a room ready for them!!!    Please keep this young couple in prayer.  God will make a way.
My worker's problem is my problem.  We are like a family with me being the mama.  Please keep the wooden rooms to be built on the roof in prayer.  We need them ASAP!!!!!  It will cost about $5,000 per room and we need teams of Americans who can swing a hammer ASAP!!!!!  We also need the funding ASAP!!!!
I will have Pastor Leny start the Haitian masons on the concrete posts for the roof as soon as I can.  Then the Haitians can put up the tin roof.  It will look much like the church roof in the picture.  The outer wall will be of either concrete or wood.  All the inner walls can be of wood.  This way we can design the rooms to whatever size and shape fits our needs. We need 1 room finished by October 30th!!!  God will make a way."
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