Thursday, February 9, 2012

Haiti calls

When Steve first went to Haiti he saw a people without hope.  He thought he knew poor people having grown up with the Yanomamö people in Venezuela who seem to have nothing.  But after he saw the people of Haiti he knew the Yanomamö had much much more.  They are a people that have the whole rain forest to live in.  Cool trees and clean water to cool off in.  A place to fish and grow food.  Meat to hunt and eat.  They can move and live in a new place anytime they want.    In Haiti this is not the story.  They are stuck in the small world they are in with no hope of improving their state.  They cannot even go to school because even with a public school system they have to pay to go school.  Each day they have to carry money to give the teacher.  No hope for the Haitian children.  EXCEPT with Jesus!  He brings them hope.  And oh! How they love Him!  Steve speaks of hearing singing coming down the street as the Pastor is on his way to church.  As he comes walking down the street others come out to greet him and begin to sing.  Voices lifting up praises to their Savior, the author and finisher of their Eternal Hope!  They are a joyful people despite their lack.
Sherrie Fausey came to Haiti to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  She began with a school to bring in those children that have no hope of going to school otherwise.  She has school for them at no charge.  Her desire is to raise up educated Christian young people to become leaders in the country and bring about change.  Her school was growing and flourishing.  She needed more room so groups began to go and help her add to her buildings.  This was when Steve first ventured to Haiti.  He helped work on a building that would be her school.  Then a few years ago the hurricane season seem to target Haiti.  One even came and sat on Haiti for several days.  An orphanage in a nearby village was destroyed.  The children were brought to Sherrie’s school.  That began the school/orphanage partnership that meant this building had to get done.
2 years ago last month the world literally shook apart when the earthquake rattled their world taking with it buildings, possessions and lives.  The only building left whole and standing was the new unfinished building.  Part of Sherrie’s house fell on a precious young boy and he was lost to them.  Some of her workers never came back to work and eventually it was found they too had been lost.  Compared to some, though, they did very well with just a few lives lost.  Most possessions were lost and Sherrie has had to start over.  At first funds flooded in to help but as time has gone by that slowed.  Rebuilding has been slow.  As she gets funds to continue she sends for Steve who has become her foreman.  He works well with the Haitian workers and keeps them going in the right direction.  Since this is the work he has been called to do He goes alone and travels back and forth.  We are being a part of the rebuilding of the school and orphanage that will raise up Godly leaders in Haiti.  We feel this is what God would have us doing.  We NEED your help.  Without God’s people supporting our part in this work we can’t be free to go when needed.  There were 4 trips last year.  Sherrie has sent for him again.  She had a flood of funds come in to start the next phase of the building.  The plan now is for him to go February 24 and spend the month of March there.  No building will go on in April as she holds Bible camps that month to keep the children out of Carnival (Mardi Gras).    Then he will return May or June for another month or so. 
Will you join us in this work?  Will you help these children have classrooms and bedrooms?  Will you help Sherrie have a home as she continues her work there?  We NEED YOU!!!    We must raise enough for expenses while Steve is gone.  And please consider regular monthly gifts as it hard to find work that he can come and go from.  When he comes back and begins to find work it is time to go again.  We need to have monthly  support so we can be ready to go when called.  We are open to going to other fields in support of other full time workers.  You can be a part in any work we take part in. 
We need you.  Is God speaking to your heart about the children in Sherrie Fausey’s school and orphanage?  Help us help them.
We need to raise $3000-$3500 for him to be gone 5-6 weeks.  Everything has gone up so much that a few years ago we needed $2000 per month support but not anymore.  We are believing God is going to supply this for him to leave in 2-2 ½ weeks.  Join us in believing and perhaps being a part of it.
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