Monday, September 10, 2012

Wow, this has been an awesome trip in Haiti. The team work so hard. Martha almost got the whole second floor painted and it looks great. Dave got all of the electric on the second floor working and also got all of the plumbing fixed through out the house. Steve built 5 bunk beds, two twins and one king bed. He also built two beautiful tressel ? tables with benches. Danny screen all of the bed room windows and had a hand in everything. Donna planed every meal and kept us fed along with painting, cleaning and a lot of other things. Amber painted every day and was a joy to have around. Even tho we were so busy with the house we still had Danny preach Sunday morning, I shared a bible study with the Philippine UN, Debbie sung for them, We had two bible studies with the men here and the neighborhood, I had the privilege to lead one man to Christ, visited the sick and much more in ministry. God is so Good.

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